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   The Birds Nest Co. is the official sponsor for Unbound ministries, a not-for-profit organiztion that seeks to inspire & free underpriviledged youth by providing substantial resources to enable them to be unbound from their circumstances, discover their true potential, & lead a life better than the one in which they were born into - all through the power of Art.

     Founded by Jessica K. Haas, this ministry began in 2009. Jessica left art school & followed God's voice in faith to Union University where the Lord began revealing and training her for a ministry He would later bring to reality. Beginning behind the walls of her college dorm, Jessica began The Birds Nest as a creative outlet while studying the Bible under some of the worlds leading Bible teachers and scholars. Little did she know God was orchestrating a ministry through her handmade arts as her little dorm room shop started to gain attention and revenue from students on campus.

    Jessica knew God had called her to girls ministry in 2008 when the Lord used her to mentor a girl in her hometown who passed away. So, as demand grew for her little shop, Jessica began setting aside a portion of her earnings from The Birds Nest in hopes that one day she would be able to start a ministry that would reach out and mentor underpriviledged youth that came from the same background she did, especially young women. 

    Today that ministry has become a reality and The Birds Nest has grown larger than ever. Jessica has taught, spoken, & performed her talent as a speed artist across the nation inspiring youth that they too can be overcomers. Many have been changed by the message God has given her. The Birds Nest Co. now sponsors the Unbound Project which partners with the U.S. Dream Academy in Memphis, TN to provide free photography services, clothing, and resources for at-risk children. The Unbound Project is a successfully proven aid to at-risk youth in how it utilizes art as a tool to engineer an experience of empowerment rather than exploitation. Today- the control group of children Jessica began this project with in 2013 are achieving twice as much plus advancing three times faster than their peers academically, socially, and emotionally. Out of over 40 applicants, The Unbound Project, won a state-wide community service award by the Miss America Organization and the state of Tennessee for its innovation, creative engineering, and astounding positive results within the community. Jessica is now the official spokesperson for the U.S. Dream Academy in Memphis and is the official group mentor. Jessica is currently working on her first book and pursuing more creative opportunities to expand her demographic so that more youth can be Unbound!

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